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ARP 9 Gold G&G


ARP 9 Gold G&G


ARP 9 Gold G&G
ARP 9 Gold G&G
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  • Durable polymer 9mm style carbine receiver with matte anodized finish and stamped G&G rollmarks, mimics the popular billet style of receiver
  • Adjustable PDW style collapsible stock with stock tube
  • 5" M-LOK handguard is compatible with all M-LOK accessories
  • Ergonomic motor grip with enhanced trigger guard allows for easier use of the carbine with gloves
  • Hand tuned by Umbrella Armory technicians
  • Prometheus R-Hop barrel improves accuracy, range, and consistency giving approximately 30% improved range
  • Titan V2 MOSFET from GATE pre-tuned by Umbrella Armory
  • Reinforced internals and dual sector gear for greatly improved rate of fire

The G&G ARP9 is a unique and exciting entry into the CQB M4 style rifle AEG category. Extremely compact and lightweight, from afar the ARP9 resembles a traditional M4 type rifle, but when one gets closer, they realize the ARP9 is a completely different beast. Based off of the G&G CM16 series of AEGs the ARP9 retains all of the features favored by players but in a unique 9mm style carbine. Using the traditionally solid G&G gearbox, paired with their inline MOSFET, the ARP9 puts out all of the same performance of a CM16 M4, but in a compact and unique package.

From Umbrella Armory
As a true SMG this lightweight and highly maneuverable rifle packs a punch in any close quarters situation. Reduce your hit area in close quarters and dominate with superior firepower.
This upgraded ARP9 possesses the ability to overwhelm targets in close quarters at 350 FPS (w/ .20g BB's) with our 40 RPS (w/ 11.1v LiPo) DSG build. It excels at accuracy through volume of fire, suppressing opponents purely through sound.
A Barrel assembly designed for our Legendary R-Hop modification, coming with a collaborative UA x Prometheus 6.03mm Steel inner barrel that features an elongated barrel window for use of the R Hop modification we hand fit for perfection.
Handmade R-Hop fitted by our technicians to every barrel, providing increased contact area with the BB for more range and air seal.
Deep Crowning & Stabilisation; the O-Rings which brace the inner barrel against the outer barrel, and the deep crowning at the exit of the barrel provide a stabilised release of the BB, reducing vibrations and increasing accuracy at range.
All internals have been hand-fitted in a long and labor intensive process, carried out by our technicians here in the United States, ensuring not only perfection but also consistency across a wide range of products.
Every part we are using has been rigorously tested and approved to be of fit with the grand scheme of this project, ensuring long lasting and reliable peak performance.
The reinforced internal modifications allow us to install a Dual Sector Gear at the heart of this SMG. With this modification, extreme rate of fire is unleashed to overwhelm with superior firepower.
Tactile trigger feel and full control over your rifle settings are core to delivering a connected playing experience, where every movement is precise and predictable.
Retro Arms anodised aluminium trigger, is precision machined and precisely tuned to give you instant trigger response, fast reset and full connectedness with your rifle.
The Titan V2 Advanced MOSFET from GATE will enhance your experience by shortening the trigger pull, allowing for faster follow up semi-automatic firing. The settings on the MOSFET furthermore allow for different technical features which our technicians adjust for you in the factory, including features such as trigger sensitivity, lowest active breaking for even better trigger response and durability.

Build List:
Airtech Studios ARP9 Battery Extension Unit
Prometheus 6.03 135mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel w/ UA R-Hop Tuning
SHS Steel Dual Sector Gear w/ Specialized Tappet Plate
ZCI Steel 9 Tooth Bevel Gear
Guarder Stainless Steel Cylinder Head
VFC Air Nozzle
Lonex Aluminum POM Expanding Piston Head
SHS CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide
Guarder AEG Upgrade Spring
SHS High Strength Polycarbonate Piston w/ Steel Teeth
Retro Arms CNC Aluminum Trigger

Manufacturer: G&G

FPS: 350

Color: GOLD


Length: 500mm - 590mm (adjustable)
Weight: 2350g
Inner Barrel: 135mm 6.03 Prometheus / UA Tuned
Magazine Capacity: G&G 9mm style carbine magazine / 300 rounds
Thread Direction: 14mm Negative
Gearbox: G&G G2 w/ UA 8mm Steel Caged Bearings
Motor: G&G 25k IFRIT Long Type
Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety
Rate of Fire: 40 RPS (w/ 11.1v LiPo Battery)
Cycle Completion: 20ms
Effective Range: ~150ft (w/ .32g BBs)
Battery: 11.1V Small Butterfly Type recommended (Battery not included. Wired to buffer tube with Deans connector)
Hopup: Yes, Adjustable
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Manual

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